16 bit SDRAM & Flash

I’m thinking about a new design based on the NS7520. I want to use 16 bit SDRAM and 16 bit Flash. Can I connect these devices directly to the NS7520 without without glue logic. I really don’t want or need 32 bit memory. Also, are termination resistors required for address and data buses for small designs (CPU + Flash + SDRAM) using the 36MHz part? As you can guess I’m looking for a minimal component count solution. Thanks in advance

yes. for every chip select you can choose port size between 8bit, 16bit or 32bit. this is either done by software, by setting the ps bits in the chip select option register. for chip select 0 this can be initialised with two hardware pins. for the minimal solution, the attached file may help you.

sorry i forgot to mention i’m talking about the net+50. i don’t know if it’s exactly the same with NS7520.