Booting with a larger application image

I am porting an application from a unix system to a Digi Connect SP board with the GNU tools. The current compiled application code size is greater than 2M. I’ve tried modifying customize.ldr and bootloader.dat to allow larger sizes. I’m able to run the application in the debugger, but when I tried to load the new rom.bin and image.bin to the flash via the naftpapp, the board would not boot.

Hi , maybe this is helpful The bootloader determines where to decompress the application to by reading a field in the application’s header. The value of the ramAddress field in the bootldr.dat file sets the load address in the application header. This field must be set to the same value as CACHE_CODE_START in the customize.ldr file. The position of the bootloader in RAM is determined in blbootldr.dat. This file contains the information used to generate the header for the header for the RAM image of the bootloader. The ramAddress field must be set to the value of BOOTLOADER_CODE_START in the customize.ldr file.

Thank you. The ramAddress change in the blbootldr.dat file was what I had missed previously.