Does anyone know the definitive answer to the following question?

The default MAX_CODE_SIZE setting in customize.ldr for the Connect ME platform is 2M. Our application has grown past that size, however. We changed this to 4M no problem, but the question is do we also need to modify BLBOOTLDR.DAT? The BSP Porting Guide states “…You must set the ramAddress in the bootldr.dat to the value of BOOTLOADER_CODE_START in the customize.ldr file…” However, since the RAM portion of the bootloader is going to be decompressed at the location specified by ramAddress in BLBOOTLDR.DAT (not BOOTLDR.DAT) shouldn’t this be the one to be modified?

If we don’t modify ramAddress in BLBOOTLDR.DAT (it’s currently set to its default value of 0x00204000), I suspect that when the application is being decompressed to RAM that once it exceeds the 2M mark that it will overwrite the RAM portion of the bootloader, the bootloader will crash and the application will not start. The reason I’m not so sure about this is because we tried it with the default setting (our application’s about 2.5M uncompressed, but the BL RAM location is still at the 2M+16K mark, and our application appears to boot correctly!)

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

  • Darrin

Take a look at the thread:,1482#5479