Bootloader linker error

When I execute the bootloader/rom.bld I get the following error message by the linker: Building C:\Projects\NETOS51_Opt\src\bootLoader\romImage\rom Linking rom [elxr] (error) unresolved symbols: 2 __ghsbegin_heap from libsys.a(ind_heap.o) __ghsend_heap from libsys.a(ind_heap.o) [elxr] (error) errors during processing Error: build failed Build terminated Build failed Where do I have to define this symbols?

It looks like you are trying to build the bootloader with the incorrect Multi version. You must use GHS 3.5 with Net+Os v5.1 not any previous GHS release. The libsys.a is an out put of GHS only for cross linker image output.

Thanks for your immediate response. I work with Green35 and all path in the linker are to Green35, but I still have Green in the same hierarchy of folders. When I remove the comment (#) in the rom.lx file on the .heap line linking is ok. Should the .heap be commented out for any reason, as it is in the distributed file?