SNTP Update GHS6.3 unable to link project

I’ve to maintain an old software based on a NS9360 processor using the NetOS Version 6.3.
There are some problems with the daylight saving time.
This problem is solved concerning the support site with the fix SNTP Update - Net+OS 6.3
I downloaded this fix and installed it.
But unfortuneatly I’m not anymore able to link my project with the new ghs.o file.
My linker gives me the following errors:
[elxr] (error) symbol isatty multiply defined in:


[elxr] (error) unresolved symbols: 10
naSockGetDevid from ghs.o
nasockptr_lock from ghs.o
naSockGetMagic from ghs.o
nasockptr_unlock from ghs.o
tfSend from ghs.o
tfRecv from ghs.o
nasockno_allocate from ghs.o
nasockno_free from ghs.o
tfClose from ghs.o
heap_adjustment from ghs.o

[elxr] (error) errors during processing

Error: build failed
Concerning to the instruction on the website it is only neccessary to change the 2 lib files without any other dependencies.
If i link the project with my “old” ghs.o file i’ve no problem but my error isn’t fixed.
It seems that the provided ghs.o file isn’t correct or I’m missing some more files.
Can anybody help me please.