Errors compiling release version in Net+O/S

Just started using the Connectcore 9P 9215, and hit a problem in trying to generate a Release version of the code.

Using Digi ESP 7.4.2 patched to latest.

Easily reproducable - simply create and compile a new Digi project, and compile Debug and Release versions.

Debug compiles no problem.

Release fails with a number of errors - undefined symbol malloc (??!!) and -txe_event_flags_get, among others.

Basic problem is that libbsp.a isn’t being produced.

Within the project’s Release directory, there is no bsp subdirectory.

In the NetOS source directories, subdirectory connectcore9p9215_a_esp is created in Release mode; in Debug mode connectcore9p9215_a is created/used.
I suspect this is the root of the problem.

In the project’s two makefile.init (Debug and Release) we have:

BOARD_TYPE = connectcore9p9215_a
PLATFORM = connectcore9p9215_a_esp
PROJPLATFORMDIR = …/bsp/7_4/connectcore9p9215_a
PROJBSPBINPATH = bsp/7_4/connectcore9p9215_a

I’m guessing that somewhere in the makefiles, BOARD_TYPE is used instead of PLATFORM; or maybe connectcore9p9215_a_esp should never be set as PLATFORM.

Has anyone else seen this? Or any suggestions as to where to look?

Hey Steved2,

I’ve had this same problem before. Chances are your paths got mukked up in your project or in the ESP settings. Make sure they’re right under Window->Preferences->NET+OS

Also check the proejct properties.

If that doesn’t help then re-create the project. Otherwise you might just need to reinstall the ESP.


Mike, Thanks for the tips.
Should perhaps have mentioned that I’ve been using the setup successfully for ME/ME9210 development - so whatever the problem is, its likely to be something specific to the 9P 9215.

Paths look OK everywhere.

I’ve already tries creating a new project without success.

Reinstalling ESP isn’t a very attractive proposition, given the number of patches - I think my CD is actually for 7.3! Or is there a simple way to merge the patches with the installer?

Found the problem - no idea why it made the difference, but I’ve just ‘released’ two separate 9P 9215 projects by making this one little change.

In bsp_drivers.h, I changed line 111 to:


No problem to me (in fact it might have caused future problems) since I don’t use the I/O expander. Looked as if it was somehow preventing the bootloader from compiling.

No change in 7.5 - the ‘fix’ is still needed in the release version