naIopSetTransferMode compiling error after BSP update


I am using NET+OS 7.4.2 with a ConnectCore9P9215. I was able to compile project without any problem. But since I’ve done some updates of the BSP (using Package manager), I’m having a linker error saying "could not find any reference for naIopSetTransferMode ".

I came back to the previous version, but I’m having the same error.

Have anybody met this problem?


You need to create a new project, and then port any changes you made into the new one. Sometimes the updates change BSP files, but it doesn’t change the files in your workspace, and this will cause build problems.

Thanks mcarver.

After putting back, the previous version, a new project can compile ok.
But if I leave the latest update of BSP (version 3.3), I’m having this error (naIopSetTransferMode) even with a new project.

A problem was found with the update that was recently available. The problem dealt with the exact problem you are describing. An even newer patch has just been issued. Please pull it down. We believe this should address your issue

Thanks dakotas_dad.

The new version 3.4 of the BSP update correct this problem.