Latest Package Update Broke all Projects

I’ve generally kept up to date, and so far no problems. But the latest package updates have broken every project – none will compile due to errors that seem to come from BSP files in the projects.

The only way I can think to fix it, is to create a new project, and copy all the bsp files to replace the ones in my project(s).

I "Refresh"ed the projects, but that didn’t help. Is there some other way that the projects can be updated properly by ESP?

The root cause is that some of the bsp-related header (configuration) files have been changed.
Compare the new ‘reference’ bsp files for your platform with those within each project, and apply the relevant changes (I use Winmerge).

The way I do it, is to create a new project just like the old, and merge my changes into the new project. I’m less likely to miss any BSP updates this way.