BSP Update 742

I just got a BSP update that popped up a window saying I might need to migrate my projects… Is there any more detail as to what exactly needs to be done, if anything? I do have custom parameters in my BSP files (no dialog for instance).


This is one of the problems with the update as it is quite difficult to work oiut exactly what need s to be done.

One way to do it is to generate a brand new project that includes the options that you used when you generated the original project. You then need to compare all the files in the bsp directory of the new project with, those in the bsp of the original. If there are any differences you need to go through them and work out if they are due to the update or due to changes you made in the origional. Any new changes from the bsp update need to be included in your project.

As far as I know the only way is a very carefull manual inspection of each and every change and often a bit of guesswork.

I was very much afraid that would be the answer.

I’ve done it many times, a few tips, when you make a change in a BSP folder, just add a few lines to a readme.txt what you did, this will make it easier to port it into a new version. Also, find a good diff tool (I like Winmerge). That will help immensely.

I used BeyondCompare to do it. It is just a pain to have to create a dummy project and then do the comparison. It seems like that should be automated, much the way certain Linux distros handle changes to configuration files.

I’ve just started using Eclipse recently, having always used the command line before, and so updates usually meant a new “netosxx” directory, and BSP changes were done directly to the BSP code, not a project level code, so a diff of one “netosxx” with the new one was sufficient.

Fortunately, this one was one additional constant, controlling something I don’t care about, so it wasn’t a big deal.