How to add back versions of Net+O/S to Eclipse?

We’ve been using Net+O/S 7.1 for development, and have several projects.
We’re now moving to Net+O/S 7.4, and at the same time moving to a new PC, so have effectively got a fresh install of Net+O/S 7.4 rather than an upgrade.

But I’d like to still be able to work on those Net+O/S 7.1 projects (on the new machine) without upgrading them.

Is there any way of adding the previous Net+O/S 7.1 environment to Eclipse, so that I can use a single machine for all development?


You could do that between V7.0, V7.1 & V7.2. You can also do that between V7.3 and V7.4. What is NOT supported is shifting between the set of V7.0, V7.1 and/or V7.2 with the set of V7.3 and V7.4. The two sets use different versions of cygwin.

Bottom line, what you are proposing to do is not supported.

Thanks for the unambiguous reply!

I guess I’ll continue to be surrounded by PCs until I can justify/get round to upgrading the other projects.