Using Eclipse for both Digi and other platforms

Currently I use Eclipse not only as a development environment for Digi products, but also for other purposes (e.g. PHP coding). At present I have separate PCs for Digi and non-Digi development, but would like to move to a single machine, ideally running a single version of Eclipse, and which will act as a development environment for anything I throw at it.

Has anyone done anything along these lines? Is it possible (and straightforward)?

Hello Steve.
Eclipse is a very flexible environment, and as you know, it is mainly made of plugins an features. I think it is possible to use one Eclipse environment to develop more than one thing like you say. You only need to look for the necessary plugins/features that you are using in your eclipse for PHP and copy them into your NET+OS eclipse in the plugins and features folders. Anyway you should be careful with this to avoid breaking anything. Note that for such as operation, the new plugins must be compatible with Eclipse 3.1.2 which is the version used for Digi ESP for NET+OS.