Version Control and Git


We use Git for version control. I see that the Digi ESP IDE has some integrated support for CVS and I understand that Git can interface with CVS fairly well. However I was wondering if anybody has some recommendations with day to day Git use and the Digi ESP environment. In particular I was wondering if there is any detailed information out there on what can be excluded from a repository and still not fundamentally break a Digi project. My experience has been that Digi ESP (and by extension Eclipse) has a bunch of meta data stuff behind the scenes and that changing this or modifying this outside of Digi environment can break things. My thinking was to point Git to my entire workspace folder and keep the whole thing under version control and occasional pushing out changes to other members of the team so that we can easily synchronize software dev environments between workstations

If anybody has used Git with the Digi ESP tool chain would appreciate any tips you might have.


Hi im using (clone of unix tool)

and in NET+OS project i have .gitignore with