Digi ESP for Linux?

Is there available the Digi ESP IDE which runs under linux?
All our stuff is running linux, to develop for Digi ConnectMe I had to recover a mouth-balled laptop with Windows-XP on it.

Digi ESP for Netos runs on Windows. Digi ESP for Linux runs on Linux. If you use Netos , you have to use windows :frowning:

That’s pity. I am tired using embedded linuxes in the past. The netos seems to be by far the best platform for boxes like DIGI ConnectME.

true, but you can get good windows PC today under 200$ small price for the great OS :slight_smile:

Also true - but its another machine to find space for.

And in my case we’ve already got a Linux machine running Digi ESP, because Net+O/S isn’t supported on the 9443M (which is a pity - another new programming environment to learn).

So for us it would be good to do all Digi-based development on a single machine, instead of having to chop and change. Makes it easier to share code libraries, among other things.

A bit of a cheeky response, but get a Mac :slight_smile: I can run all the OSes using virtualization on one machine all at the same time. I can xfr files between them, cut/paste between them etc. However, I’d suggest using a source code version control system (like SVN, GIT, etc) for the sharing of files between projects. Also, I don’t see any noticable difference in performance between my virtualized Windows and that of a Wintel box – even for compile times.

OK, so the non-cheeky answer is to look into using virtualization in general, doesn’t have to be on a Mac of course.

Digi ESP for Linux works on Linux. If you need NetOs, then you need Windoze. At least for now, with the development of Mono, maybe that changes.