Windows x64

Does NET+OS ESP support any Windows x64 platforms? If not, is it likely to do so in the near future?

Hi ramstell,
I’ve heard that Digi doesn’t officially support 64-bit platforms yet for NETOS ESP. They’re likely working on it. Support for 64-bit will probably be included in their next release, 7.5.2, I would imagine.

I trying version under Windows 7 x64 at the moment and all seems ok. Hopefully offical support will not be too far away!

I am using 7.4.2 . How do I update to the latest version of DIGI ESP?

v7.4.2 on Win 7 will throw you error in package manager - update process… it will work fine if we prefer opening ESP in win XP SP2 compaitabilty mode :slight_smile: