API Reference and General Install Malaise

My issue is that I can’t view the Net+OS API reference - I get this:

I’m going through an ESP install on a Win 7 x64 machine. I’m now running it in XP compatibility mode based on some other posts I read here. I’ve had a few hangs requiring Task Manager to shut down ESP during the update process.

My disk that came with my ME 9210 Net+OS jumpstart kit states it’s revision 7.4.2.

More info -

Also disconcerting is that if I go to “Help”->“Software Updates”->“Manage Configuration”, then select “Scan for Updates”, I receive this -

This happened regardless of the server I attempted.

I did an install at home on a Win7 32-bit machine and set up both the installer and ESP itself to run in XP SP3 compatibility mode. This prevented the Package Manager update error I see elsewhere on this forum, but unfortunately both the NET+OS API link and the update process via the Product Configuration menu are still broken. Help!

Well i guess i have found the problem…
have you registered your device? i mean whil installing have you registered with Digi Support?
In the “About” Window i can see NO CD-KEY

@bobthomas13 - hahaha! You’re kidding, right? I erased that before I posted the image…

The NET+OS API is under netos75\Documentation\ApiReference.chm

I’d just open it up directly instead of trying to do it through the Digi ESP. By the way, Windows 7 64 bit isn’t supported - NET+OS 7.5 only claims to work with 32 bit Windows OS’s.

You erased it so neatly that i was not able to differentiate whether its erased or not.
:smiley: :smiley:
Well Done.

BTW… are you using any Firewall/Antivirus ?
i had an issue like it was blocking the update process.