TCPIP_Updates_742 Trashes ESP

When installing the TCPIP_Updates_742 package it hits an error and doesn’t complete installation.

Attempting to build previously working projects then results in hundreds of errors.

Restoring from backup has no effect even after rebooting with -clean cleaning the project and rebuilding

I have reinstalled ESP and run through all the patches again and exactly the same thing happened.

I have now spent an entire day installing and reinstalling ESP.

Any ideas of how I can fix this without installing from scratch and going through all the patches again?

This time when I reinstalled I stripped out all the files the uninstaller left behind. When I opened the package manager several of the packages available before now showed as incompatible.
I’m hoping this might be the solution.

Yep that fixed it
Top tip delete the netos74 folder before you reinstall!