Latest BSP won't even run new projects

I updated my ESP environment from NETOS to and now I can’t even run a brand new project. It builds with no errors or warnings, but upon running it, the 9215 module on my dev board just blinks alternating yellow & green. Not a single line is output to serial.

This is after creating a brand new NET OS project like I have a dozen times this year for experiments. I have no doubts about the project itself being just fine.

I don’t even know where to begin as this is crashing before it even gets to applicationStart() – I added a printf as the very first line.

Suggestions? Thx.

It sounds like the program is failing in netosStartup() in bsproot.c. It is calling netosFatalError() for some reason.

To find out where it’s stopping, suspend the program in the debugger and look at the stack trace for the root thread. You should be able to figure out what went wrong from there.

Good luck!

Before you upgraded NET+OS were there any changes made to the BSP that are specific to your hardware design? The upgrade does have the potential to wipe out changes you made to the bsp. Also remember that there is the part of the bsp that gets copied into your project and the part that stays in in src\bsp. I believe the presumption is that most of the changes are in the portion of the bsp that gets pulled into your project.