Startup fail on Wi-EM


I am trying to execute a runtime for industrial automisation on the Digi EM and Wi-EM boards running NetOS 7.1. Compiling and loading the firmware onto the EM board is no problem at all, and the runtime executes correctly. I created a second project with the required configuration and bsp for the Wi-EM module, used the same source files, compiled it, but when I try to debug it nothing happens… no threads are created and NetOS doesn’t even start up.

I don’t know even where to start looking to find a solution, and any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

The first place I would look is the debug script. This is data that is passed to the debugger for setting up memory et al (The BSP does this when running from ROM). If you are not using the correct script, you will be unabel to get your device running. There is a different debug script for each platform.

To help determine what could be causing the exceptions, I would start looking at the netosStartup call.

If the module is running, terminate the application and restart it. When the application hits it first breakpoint, in the console window (within the ESP), type “break netosStartup” and hit resume.

When the application hits this breakpoint, start single stepping thru the application. Step through the code(using F5 to step into and F6 to step thru) until it crashes. This should give you a good starting point of where to look for the problem.

if an exception occurs, try typing ‘sb’ to set break-points on the exception, and ‘bt’ to backtrace and see where the exception occurred.