LINUX development

Im moving to linux as my primary platform, but is there some way how to work with digi modules under LINUX? The compiler is GNU and is using cygwin … so there should be some way how to do it. I made little investigation and find out one little problem with jtag adapter - Segger have only some beta driver for linux. But is I have another jtag key (even faster then segger) and is working with openocd debug + GDB platform.

Does have someone some ideas how to move to LINUX?


There used to be a PD version of Linux for the ME, but Digi has taken over all development. They now sell a version of the ME with ucLinux built in. I tried to get them to tell me how to convert an existing NetOS module to Linux, but they refused.

Give a call to support, they have a lot more people manning the phones these days and you can get through fairly quickly.