Converting a Digi 9210 module(DC-ME-Y413-LX) from Linux to Net+OS


I need to convert a 9210 module (DC-ME-Y413-LX) from Linux to Net+OS. I saw some hints how to do this in this forum.

But before I try that on a DC-ME-Y413-LX, I’d like figure out if it works using a Digi 9210 ME module with JTAG port (currently with Net+OS) I have. I need the rom.bin and image.bin that is installed on the Linux module as factory default. I would flash that on the JTAG module using the JTAG port and then try the Net+OS->Linux conversion procedudure.

Is there any link I can download a linux rom.bin and image.bin from? I don’t have the Linux ESP (I only have the Net+OS ESP), so I’m not able to generate them myself.

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Digi Offers a conversion service. Please contact tech support.