How to port NETOS code to Embedded Linus

I have developed a application in NETOS and my module is DC-ME-Y402-C. It is a 4MB flash module. I have planned to upgrade it to 8MB flash but DC-ME-Y413-C became obsolete. So I brought DC-ME-Y413-LX. Now I want to port the code from NETOS to Linux. Since I am rookie, Could someone direct me to the right path.

Your support is valuable

Those are different OSes with different APIs, so there is no easy way to port. Start using DigiESP for Digi Embedded Linux and deploy your wrist hello world app following the documentation. Once you have the hello world app running, look for other examples that are available in the rootfs customization menu. then start developing your own app based on one of those examples.

If you have an app that works for Netos, get a DC-ME-Y413-LX with JTAG and convert it to Netos using swapped rom.bin, once you have the procedure working reliably, you will be able to convert modules without JTAG as well.

An operating system to a new processor, since the source code for the Linux kernel is available as open source.