SVN or GIT support for Digi ESP on Linux


I am quite a newby to Linux and Eclipse based development ans I can’t work out if its possible to install a SVN (CollabNet SVN for example) or GIT (eGit for example) add on to the Digi ESP?

The server we are using doesn’t support CVS, so I need either SVN or GIT for my development… Can anybody help me?


I think you can add plugins to the ESP, but you’ll need to add them manually since Digi has disabled the “Help->Install New Software…” menu.

Ahhh… this is why this method didn’t work for me :slight_smile: Why would they do something like this? There are some really useful plugins out there!

Does anybody know how to add plugins to Eclipse manually?


So I know this is a bit old but were you able to successfully install the GIT plugin manually? All that I’ve found seems to suggest that Eclipse wants you to use the Install New Software feature, which doesn’t appear to work for me.