ESP: standard Eclipse extension

I’m starting to use ESP in place of Eclipse: the integrated framework seems to me very intesting for DIA development.

But, In Eclipse, I use a set of standard plugins (SVN, Maven, …) that I consider mandatory for software development.

Most of these extensions are available on the sandard “update sites” which are not provided in the the ESP configuration.

What is suggested to add the various standard Eclipse plugins to ESP?

Hello Raphaël,

The Digi ESP is an Eclipse based product, it means that its built of plugins and its behavior is similar than Eclipse.

However, the Digi ESP product only contains a small set of the standard Eclipse plugins (we only include the required plugins to run the product and perform standard actions). As an example we are including the CVS and Help modules, but not the SVN.

As you pointed, we are not providing any configuration site to install new plugins or features because we make use of our Package Manager tool to install our software updates. To install new plugins or features you will have to do it manually by copying them to the plugins and features folders of the Digi ESP installation path (by default C:/Program Files/Digi/DigiPython/DigiESP).

I will take note of the SVN and Maven plugins and check if we can include them in future releases.

Hope that helps.

Kind regards.

PS: Digi ESP 1.4.0 was released last week: