Digi ESP won't update and stops working

Fresh ESP install will work at first, sort of. Software Updates will not work but at least the rest works. Until restart.

On restart ESP discovers that ADT 14 is old and that there is 20. However, Software Updates do not work – just get this message every time: “Cannot complete the request. This installation has not been configured properly for Software Updates.”

This is really a fresh install, I haven’t changed anything in the configuration. As far as I can tell everything IS configured properly.

If I open Preferences->Android I can see that SDK location is correctly set (in my case “C:\Digi\Android\aadk-1.1\android-sdk”) yet list of SDK Targets is empty. If I try selecting any other part of the preferences I get message: “The current display page contains invalid values.” The only value on this page is actually valid.

If I try to start AVD Manager I get a message: “Location of Android SDK has not been setup in the preferences.” even though it is set with correct location that has not changed since the last time this worked.

The other parts are broken as well. If I tried to start a debug session I get "'Launching ’ has encountered a problem. An internal error occurred during: "Launching “.”

This is all after a restart of Eclipse where debug used to work fine before, with the same project and unchanged source.

In error log, in addition to previously mentioned error, there is also this one: “Project facet jst.web has not been defined. It is used in plugin org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.web.core.” I haven’t seen this one repeat.

Normal Eclipse works fine on my computer without any of these issues (Win7 32bit).

How can I get this pile of rubbish working again? I’d switch to standard Eclipse if anyone could suggest how to move “gnu.io.rxtx” from Digi to Eclipse. Or will the standard rxtx work with iMX53?

Got debugging working in Eclipse Indigo; serial works too. I hope I can now drop Digi ESP and not look back.