Update to NET+OS 7.5

Is there an update path from NET+OS 7.4 to 7.5?

What are the changes and new features in 7.5?

What Eclipse version it is based on?

It would be great if you could point where I can find this information.

Thank you,

In the uppermost directory of the kit, look for the file entitled WhatsNew.txt

Thank you for the reply.

But I do not have 7.5 kit.

I have 7.4.2 and was wandering if it is possible and worth to update to 7.5.


Thank you, very interesting.

But still, is it possible to go from 7.4 to7.5 or any future versions?

If not , is there any way to obtain 7.5?

I am mostly interested in more recent Eclipse version in order to use add-ons for it.

To my understanding if you have a premium support contract from Digi they will sent you all the updates, including new NET+OS versions… Or if you buy a NET+OS based product now you will get v7.5 … you can talk to any of there sales representatives or mail them regarding this. That would be the first thing i do :slight_smile: