Problems with latest 7,3 patches


I have just patched my installation of NetOS7.3 with all of the latest patches.

There now seems to be a problem with building the BSP for the Connectcore9p9215.

Samples of the errors are
./devices/common/newserial/camry_serl.c:846: error: ‘GPIO_UARTA_RTS’ undeclared (first use in this function)

./devices/common/newserial/iop_serial.c:707: error: ‘BSP_IOP_FIM1_UART_CTS’ undeclared (first use in this function)

Has anyone else found this or have I got a problem with the way I patched things (It all worked fine before)

I would be sure that you have all the required libraries and #includes in place.

For an example you mentioned BSP_IOP_FIM1_UART_CTS as being undeclared. You need to have the #include "bsp_iop.h statement and it is also dependant on the libbsp.a library.

Just a note: According to the latest NET+OS API reference document, BSP_IOP_FIM1_UART_CTS was not available until version 7.4

Are you seeing that problem with a new application or an existing one? If an existing one, you probably downloaded and installed a BSP patch, and the BSP was updated between the version your app was built and the new version you just installed. To fix, create a new app and then port any BSP changes from your old app to the new one.