NET+OS7.3 and new Flash chips

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We’ve been running simple devices with the connectcore 9p9215 on 7.3 for the last decade or so. The original software engineer left.
Two years ago we got the flash change notice for v7.5. An support engineer was so nice to send me the flashparts.c & h to patch v7.3 manually.

Today we received our first batch of changed connectcores and as it turns out the patch doesn’t seem to work. (I get the blinking LEDs on the module after I start the debugger)
The part found on those is enabled in flashparts.h (EON EN29LV320CB)

I CAN’T JUST UPGRADE TO 7.5 RIGHT NOW (too many changes to our codebase).

Has anyone successfully patched 7.3?

OK … one step further. It seems I also need to swap out Flash.h (from a 7.52 install)
And also replace the flashparts.h in your project (it gets copied over there on creation)

… for now it seems I can run our stuff on the new flash-IC modules.

Hello Kay
I too have a similar situation. Our code is for the same core, a CC9215, is also based on 7.3.
Now, our code doesn’t work with the latest chips.

Could you send me the files I need to patch our code please?