hi, muscleman! Download problem exist

hi,Thank you for your help! I try again according to your step, but problem happens. 1)I try the “Hello” example project. I select “Build All”,it’s ok. When connecting target, some information given: “connect to target, connected to target target_name Initializing ‘c:\GHS\arm35\ocdserv -cpu arm7t -port PLPT1 -setup c:\NETOS51_GH35
et20um32b -big -nobp -noload -nosyscalls’ Target cpu: ARM” 2)I run reg command in target window: only ‘count = 0x(read failed)’, other register is ok! I try memwrite command, it’s ok! 3)But When I select ‘debug hello…’, some information show: ‘File little-endian, inconsistent with target. bad format ELF file debug server: download of “C:\GHS\MyProjects\Project1\hello” failed’ 4)I guess maybe some configuration is wrong, I open ‘cpu option for XX.ld’ and enable “Big endian byte type” selection, then build again, but other information show: ’ Connected to target `ZC_CON’. Skipping download. Download complete. running ‘C:\GHS\MyProjects\Project1\hello’ process running ’ F11 STEP DEBUG can’t step debugging and I notice the host led brink on jtag quickly . I guess some switcher or jumper on board is not properly configured. Why! Why! Why…! Eager for your help!! Regards Zhuchun

It looks your image is built with little endian or your connection script is set for little endian or your board is set to little endian. One of these. You need to set that to big endian in order to download your image 'cause Net+Os works with big endian only.