Not able to download application and debug

HiI got problem to get started with the NS9750 NET+Works with GNU Tools. I’m trying to do the tutorial senario. Everything works properly until I should download the template to the development board. I’m using the Majic JTAG debugger. My console window writes the following message: Target System: EPI Majic Probe, Version: 3.3.3, S/N 403NS017 Hardware Rev: a1:33:11:0 Target CPU: ARM926EJS Ethernet: at address 00:80:CF:00:19:5C IP address:, Subnet mask: Trace Buffer: 0 frames Profiler: Not Installed Connected via: Ethernet UDP/IP Device name: Target Endian: big Start Address: 00000000: EPI-OS (HIF): on Reset Mode: capture Auto JTAG detection process detected 1 TAP Unable to stop target processor loading c:/netos61_gnu/src/apps/template/32b/image.elf Unable to stop target processor section .init from 00004000 to 00004067 Can’t load object file “c:/netos61_gnu/src/apps/template/32b/image.elf”. Can anyone tell me what the problem is and what I should do to make it work. Thanks /Tobias

Additionally on page 8 (task 2, step 12) it says you should download a Net+OS 6.1 MAJIC debugger update (june2004) on, hover, that update is not listed or available for download !!

I have exactly the same problems, can someone please let us know something? Thanks you, Bradley

We found my problem, in the development kit’s document “NS9750 Release Notes: NET+Works with GNU Tools” Release date: June 2004, an important step was missing. The same document with the release date of April 2004 includes the step. The key is to set Jumper J1 ON, because there is code in the Flash by default. After setting this jumper, the Hello World template functions as it should. Thanks, Bradley