Downloading Failure

Hi,I get the following while I try to download my program to NET+ ARM 40 processor. Can anybody help me on this ? Thanks, Davy Connected to target NETARM+'. Initializing C:\GHS\arm35\ocdserv -cpu arm7t -port RLPT1 -setup C:\NETOS5_GH35
et4032b.ocd -big’. Target cpu: ARM Downloading program text and data. Please Wait… ocdserv: A remote target memory check failed in the .bootcode program segment. ocdserv: This is usually caused by failure to set the board up properly, but can ocdserv: also be caused by a bad link map or by a program that is bigger than ocdserv: available board memory. Make sure the board setup procedure completed ocdserv: without errors, as this is the most common cause of this problem. Download failed, error during write 0x10000000 - 0x1000003f debug server: download of “C:\SOS\IS\dev\Sensors\SLS\Firmware\RRO_CTI\sw06” failed Couldn’t load program. MULTI>

looks like your sdram is dead. type “target reg” on multi prompt or just “reg” on TRG> prompt see if you can read registers. if you can try writing to your SDRAM (m 0x0=0x12345678, folowed by m 0x0) is it a dev board or your own board ?