Download problem

Hello,I have developed a program and debugged it on a development board from Netsilicon using the Raven ICE. Now I try to load the debug version on a new application card in RAM, but it will not, see printout below. The RAM has the same base address 0x200 0000 on both cards, but the new card has only 2 Mb, not 16 MB. My program is about 300 kb big. Is this a software or hardware error? ********************************************************************** Playing back from S:\GHS\arm35\defaults\os_aware xarm.rc Connected to target `ocdserv rlpt1 arm7t -big -nobss -setup S:\NETOS5_GH35
et5032b.ocd’. Downloading program text and data. Please Wait… ocdserv: A remote target memory check failed in the .text program segment. ocdserv: This is usually caused by failure to set the board up properly, but can ocdserv: also be caused by a bad link map or by a program that is bigger than ocdserv: available board memory. Make sure the board setup procedure completed ocdserv: without errors, as this is the most common cause of this problem. Download failed, error during write 0x1000 - 0x1047 debug server: download of “S:\NETOS5_GH35\src\apps\IPM\32b\debug” failed Couldn’t load program. MULTI> ****************************************************************** Best regards Henric Rappe

Hi again, Correction: I did say the wrong RAM address, it is 0x0 on both cards. The address 0x200 0000 is for the flash area on both cards. Henric Rappe

Hi,We have found the problem. The reset did not work properly, so the Chip Select settings were not made, and then nothing else. After a small fix on the reset the download and running did work fine. Henric Rappe