download problem

hi,I create a “hello world” project and set parameter as below : 1)Macraigor OCD Connection 2)Big endian When I debug program, some error information display: "File little-endian, inconsistent with target. bad format ELF file debug server: download of “C:\NETOS51_GH35\src\zc1\hello” failed Couldn’t load program. " Who can help me? Regards,

Try to run one of the example applications as is and when you try to connect make sure that pin1 of the raven is connected correctly to the pin1 of the Jtag connector. After that in the connection window try to read like as follows: ocdserv rlpt1 arm7t -big -nobss -setup C:\NETOS51_GH35
et20um32b.ocd Once connected from the target window execute “reg” and see if they return success. After all these you should be able to download your image with no problems.