HELP with raven setup

Here is my file: echo Setting up the environment for debugging gdb.
set complaints 1 set output-radix 16 set input-radix 16 set endian big dir . set prompt (netsilicon-gdb) # This connects to a target via netsiliconLibRemote # listening for commands on this PC’s tcp port 8888 #target remote localhost:8888 # Set netSiliconLibRemote to write short/long values # in big-endian monitor endian big # Set GDB in big-endian set endian big # Reset the chip to get to a known state. monitor reset monitor halt # Set SCR for Big endian, full speed, 128 cycle Bus monitor monitor long 0xffb00000 = 0x4004a000 # Setup DRAM refresh circuit monitor long 0xffc00000 = 0x0dc00000 # Disable CS2 monitor long 0xffb00030 = 0x00000000 monitor long 0xffc00034 = 0x00000000 # The debugger script must clear the valid bit in CS0BAR. # The ncc_init() routine looks at this bit to determine # whether the unit is running under control of a debugger. monitor long 0xffc00010 = 0x0 # Configure CS1 for 16 MB of SDRAM and its 16bits wide monitor long 0xffc00020 = 0x0 monitor long 0xffc00024 = 0xff000074 monitor long 0xffc00020 = 0x0000022d monitor long 0xffc00028 = 0x00000001 # Set the processor mode monitor reg cpsr = 0xd3 # Setup GDB FOR FASTER DOWNLOADS set remote memory-write-packet-size 1024 set remote memory-write-packet-size fixed # Load the program executable called “image.elf” # load image.elf # Load the symbols for the program. I think everything is configured right but I am getting this message from the OcdLibRemote: Memory Write at 8004000 len 68 Error : Target Bus Error What is 8004000? Also, this file is similar to the gdbtkns7520.raven except I changed the 0xffc00024 (chip select option register a) for my own design. Why is this error coming up? Is it because I set the mask wrong? Thanks Tommy

FYI…I changed the mask value to 0xf3000 and it seems okay while downloading. However, when it tried to run after downloading, it gives me these error from the ocdlibremote: BP WriteMemory Failed at : 8013ee8 BP WriteMemory Failed at : 80045f0 BP WriteMemory Failed at : 80137f4 I looked at the main.c file (I am using the hello world sample code), I noticed the code starts at line 80137f4. What is the problem? thanks Tommy