some problems

I am using the ns7510 and testing the develop board.My emulator’s type is raven.I am encounted some problems. >> I can’t read the inner registers such as SCR(0xffb00000) SSR(0xffb00004) when i debug the application. there are always the same error: // Memory Read 0xffb00000 Error : Target Bus Error Memory Read 0xffb00004 Error : Target Bus Error // I can read the other memory. such as // (netsilicon-gdb) x 0x00200000 0x200000: 0xa5a55a5a (netsilicon-gdb) // I have connected to the board and ran the script before tring to read the board registers.Is there some problems in my raven ?? >> During debuging,I read the register of arm, the result surprise me.the cpsr is 0x0!!! By the way ,is fps spsr??? // (netsilicon-gdb) i r r0 0xff9001fc 0xff9001fc r1 0x200 0x200 r2 0x0 0x0 r3 0x0 0x0 r4 0x40003000 0x40003000 r5 0xd3 0xd3 r6 0x40002000 0x40002000 r7 0x0 0x0 r8 0x0 0x0 r9 0x0 0x0 r10 0x0 0x0 r11 0xff9001fc 0xff9001fc r12 0x0 0x0 sp 0xff9001fc 0xff9001fc lr 0x0 0x0 pc 0x822b10 0x822b10 fps 0x0 0x0 cpsr 0x0 0x0 (netsilicon-gdb) // >> During debug,after load the image.elf ,the pc’s value is 0x800000.I don’t konw what cause the change of pc’s value. Can you explain it for me?

This appears to be bug with the insight itself. There is nothing wrong with your Raven or so. They say the later versions of the insight fixed this but not confirmed.