GDB ini file problem

Hi All I’m try to get a Raven to work with Insight and my own board working in Big Endian mode… The board has a 4M * 16 bit wide FLASH on CS1 and 2 * 256M * 16bit SDRAMs on CS1. I open up my image in insight, connect NetsiliconLibRemote.exe and then from the GDB console window source the following script: echo Setting up the gdb environment for ASL0495_2_issue_1 evaluation board.
set complaints 1 set output-radix 16 set input-radix 16 set endian big dir . set prompt (netsilicon-gdb) # Specify the tcp/ip port Arm7LibRemote is using to listen # for gdb commands #target remote localhost:8888 # Set endian used when executing monitor short/long = # arm7LibRemote defaults to Big endian mode monitor endian big # Setup gdb to work with Big endian target set endian big # Reset the chip to get to a known state. monitor reset monitor halt # # Setup SCR # Set port registers A - C to default states # Disable interrupts # monitor long 0xFFB00000 = 0x4004a000 monitor long 0xFFB00020 = 0x00000000 monitor long 0xFFB00024 = 0x00000000 monitor long 0xFFB00028 = 0x00000000 monitor long 0xFFB00030 = 0x00000000 # # Put 8MB 16-bit wide Flash @ 0x04000000 # monitor long 0xFFC00014 = 0xFF800404 monitor long 0xFFC00018 = 0x00000000 monitor long 0xFFC00010 = 0x04000003 # # Disable CS2 - CS4 # monitor long 0xFFC00020 = 0x00000000 monitor long 0xFFC00030 = 0x00000000 monitor long 0xFFC00040 = 0x00000000 # # Setup SDRAM refresh - 8192 refresh cycles / 64ms # monitor long 0xFFC00000 = 0x06C20000 # # Put 64MB 32-bit wide CAS2 SDRAM @ 0x0 # monitor long 0xFFC00028 = 0x00000000 monitor long 0xFFC00024 = 0xFC000070 monitor long 0xFFC00020 = 0x0000022D # # Setup PLL and Ensure MIC module is set for GPIO # monitor long 0xFFB00008 = 0x09000E1E monitor long 0xFFA00000 = 0x00001000 set $r0 = 0 set $r1 = 0 set $r2 = 0 set $r3 = 0 set $r4 = 0 set $r5 = 0 set $r6 = 0 set $r7 = 0 set $r8 = 0 set $r9 = 0 set $r10 = 0 set $r11 = 0 set $r12 = 0 set $sp = 0 set $lr = 0 #set $cpsr = 0 set $spsr = 0 set $r13 = 0 set $r14 = 0 set $r15 = 0 This all completes correctly with no errors… I then attempt to download the image to SDRAM @ address 0. This appears to complete correctly (from insight/gdb’s point of view) but hasn’t really because the SDRAM doesn’t appear to have been initialized correctly… When I use the memory window to inspect what should be the image in SDRAM on the target all I get is 0xFFFFFFFF at every location. Looking @ 0x04000000 I can correctly read the contents of the FLASH image so I certain the combo of insight/Raven and my board are all working fine so it must be a ini file problem… The only problem is that these memory controller settings are the ones lifted straight from my startup code… which works fine when I burn an image into FLASH and run it normally… Can anyone see my ini file error or offer any other advice? Many thanks, Dave

F.Y.I.The problem was not setting the GPIO pin for the SDRAM burst termination fix… Also most other ini files enable one of the other chip selects over the whole memory range only then disabling the Flash chip select (CS0) and setting up the SDRAM… Only after this does the chip select temporarily enabled over the whole memory range get disabled or enabled properly… BBFN Dave

hi i’ve had problems connecting my Raven Debugger to my developement board. I’ve been using OCDLibRemote from macraigor Systems. I see you use NetSiliconLibRemote can you tell me where I can find it, i’ve searched the netsilicon site but with no luck sofar. Thanks in advance Shaheen

Hi Shaheen NetSiliconLibRemote was the old name of the OCDLibRemote… The current version of this from Macraigor’s website has all the alterations to the ARM7 JTAG support that the Netsilicon devices need… However, you should note: 1) The Raven / OCDLibRemote / Insight (GDB) combo only works in Big endian mode… this has been known to both Netsilicon and Macraigor for at least a year but has never been fixed :frowning: 2) Connecting to the target can be problematic if there is a valid image in the boot flash… and you can’t disable or hold this device in reset… 3) The JTAG ICE only works if the reset / ICE circuit complies with the latest recommendations from Netsilicon… Original recommended ICE/reset circuit on the NET+ARM devices was very unreliable… Regards Dave

tried connecting via gdb command line with “source c:
etos60_gnu\gdbconnectme.raven” and get the following error Error: c:
etos60_gnu\gdbtkconnectme.raven:272: Error in sourced command file: “monitor” command not supported by this target. any ideas on how to fix this? thanks for the help so far Shaheen

Hi Shaheen That doesn’t sound good… could you post the gdbconnectme.raven script file on the site so I can see what it does on my setup? BBFN Dave

Hello Shaheen I have the same problem with the ini file. Can you tell me the solution for this problem? thanks Stefan