Debugging problem


I’m having a problem when I try debug my app. Everything was running fine for a while, then all the sudden when I try to go into debug mode to step through my app the jtag no longer will load my app into the device.

I was having some strange problems right before this where the code that was showing up in the debug window was correct, but my breakpoints were stopping on incorrect lines in the window. This told me that some how my files were out of sync, so first I rebooted.

After that made no difference, I deleted all the files out of my 32b directory except the makefile. I then copied the gdbconnectme.raven file to the 32b directory and changed the extention to .init like the getting started guide says. I then did a build using “make PLATFORM=connectme clean all”. I started the OcdRemote app then did a “gdbtk -se image.elf” to get into debug mode.

Normally when I enter debug mode the console window comes up and says something like “Wrote long to 0xffb00000 : 0x4004a000” a bunch of times and then I can load my image.elf file and get the debug process going.

Unfortunately, now when the gdb comes up it doesn’t write anything and when I try to type “load image.elf” into the console window I get an error message back saying “Error: You can’t do that when your target is `exec’”.

I can load my app onto the unit device using the FTP server and the app runs fine, so this just adds to my confusion. I must just have some setup thing wrong…hopefully.

I have no idea why I’m getting this, so if anyone knows what I’m doing wrong or missing, PLEASE let me know.

I’ve been working for a couple weeks without any problems like this and I was just starting to feel comfortable with what I’m working on and then BOOM, this happens and I’m kind of dead in the water.

Sorry for the long post, but I just wanted to give anyone that might have a clue what’s going on here all the info I have.


Ok, found out what my problem was. I thought I had to have a file in my 32b directory called gdbconnectme.gdbinit when in fact the file needed to be called just .gdbinit.

When I copied that file in from a working project, everything was good.

Hope this helps others.