image.bin problems

Hopefully you guys will be able to answer this one.

I have developed an application using NET+OS 7.0 and the JTAG interface for debugging. I can flash my image.bin into the JTAG version of my ME and it works no problems.

As soon as I flash into an ME-C module it will not come alive.

I have seen various posts about recoveing a dead unit with TFTP but it will not work for the dead units I have.
I have been onto Digi and they are telling me the dead units are subject to RMA.

The problem is I cant find anything wrong with the settings for the project that would cause it to crash or hang when booting. The usual problem, according to Digi Support is BSP_SERIAL_PORT_2 is enabled in bsp.h, I have checked and its not… its set to BSP_SERIAL_PORT_2 BSP_SERIAL_NO_DRIVER

I need to get this problem fixed as I now have 4 dead units and am reluctant to program any more as I know the image wont work.

Digi Support dont seem to be able to help.

Problem is I cant use the serial port for debug info as that is used to communicate with the equipment that is using the Digi as a network interface.

When I attempted to recover the units using TFPT I did see in the log that it was attempting to assign an IP address to the ME-C but was not getting an ACK back.

Maybe there is another way to recover the units.

Hope someone can help as I am going round in circles.


I don’t know why your ConnectMe crashed, but I propose you to customize your bootloader. See enclosed files, they were sent to me by DIGI support and allow you to recover a firmware through TFTP, or DHCP using a menu on serial line.

I use it since I crashed some DIGIs too. I use NETOS 6.0b, but I don’t see why it should not with 7.0.


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Slight problem, I cant get the rom.bin to build.

I backed up the original files and have copied the new ones to my bsp directory both in the Project directory and original source directory ->

I perform a build all and it builds the project OK but no output of rom.bin in the Debug directory or in the netos70 directory. I’m lost on how to generate the image.

According to all the documentation it should be generated by default.

I’m so nearly there I can taste it…

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong. ?


Hi Paul,
Thanks I’ll give it a go.


Sorry Marc, I used these files on NETOS 6.0b, so it seems that you will need to customize it a little for your NETOS7.0 !


> but no output of rom.bin in the Debug directory or in
> the netos70 directory. I’m lost on how to generate
> the image.

Rom.bin is created only during a release build.

No probs, at least it gave me an idea about what should be used.

I have hacked the boot loader supplied with 7.0 to detect the GPIO pins and force a TFTP boot.

Thanks for the input though.