recovering dead ME-C

Hi All,
I have some code that has been developed using the DevKit, it runs fine with Jtag but will not come up on an programmed ME-C. Problem is now that the unit goes into some sort of error during boot so I cannot re-program via FTP. Is there any other method of programming e.g. on normal devices there is a flash port that you can program directly with some PC software.

I see that there is a Manuafcturing Flash Header on the DevKit board but there are no instructions on how to use.

Does anyone know what I can do ?


Unfortunately, you’ll have to ask Digi to fix it. Even they don’t have any sort of “back door” to recover a dead unit: they have to replace the flash.


That is mostly correct with one exception that I know of.
They have some kind of minimal recovery method in their default bootloader; that comes with the module. It does a CRC check on the image upon bootup. If it fails, it will attempt to find a DHCP server. It will then ask it for an IP address, an IP address of a TFTP server, and the new image filename it should download from there.

A good way to know if the module is trying to recover is to use wireshark and sniff the line for DHCP discover messages coming from the module.