Problems with debugging - "No source file named image.elf"

Hi everyone,

Even though I have had a ConnectCore 9P 9215 package for a long time now, I have never managed to get the debugger to work. I spent a long time developing an application without access to a prototype of the eventual product, so I had written a simulated hardware layer for my application to run on in Windows, and I did my debugging in Visual Studio and some other Windows debugging tools. (I wrote wrapper classes for threads and mutexes and a few other things so that my application can run in both environments.)

Anyway, that doesn’t work when I am trying to find problems in a driver or with the BSP on the actual device.

I am using Digi ESP, with the Digi JTAG link. When I run the application in the debugger, I get the following messages in the Console window:

No source file named image.elf.
During symbol reading, location expression too complex.

However, the Module window shows “image.elf (symbols loaded)” with the correct path to image.elf in the pane on the right hand side. I can expand the list and see many hundreds of symbols.

If I try to “step into” after a breakpoint is reached, I see the following message in the Console window:

Cannot find bounds of current function

Could the message “location expression too complex” mean that my path is too long?

I would like to have this working.

Thanks for any help.

Actually, the above describes what happens while the application is stuck in customizeErrorHandler() after an error was detected in netosStartup() in bsproot.c.

The debugger appears to work during more normal situations, in that I can set break points and it stops there, and I can see what is going on in the disassembly window.

The source code doesn’t load in the main frame, even though the source is already loaded and I used it to set the breakpoint. I get a new tab with red text that says “source not found”, and a button labeled “Edit Source Lookup Path”. When I click on this, all of my paths appear to already be under “Default”, but maybe it is confused by all of the path mapping I am doing. My project includes a lot of directories that were added using the “Link to folder in the file system” option.

OK, I have confirmed it. The debug window can’t find the source when the source is linked in using the “Link to folder in the file system” option in Digi ESP.

I am now using NTFS Link instead, and I can now see the source code while debugging.