bootloader NET+50, NETOS v5.0

From what I have read, NetOS v5.1 includes a bootloader. I was also told that v5.1 is only for the 7520. Is the code/libraries for this bootloader avaliable for the Net+50 on NetOS 5.0 using GH 3.5? If not, will it be soon or will i have to wait for NetOS v6.0? When will NetOS v 6.0 be released? I am very interested in this bootloader. Please advise. Thanks

The bootloader at the moment is only available with Net+Os v5.1 and is not applicable to v5.0. Yet Net+Os v6.0 which will be available this coming September will support both 50 and NS7520 and will have the bootloader along file system and many other improvements.