Looking for additional information

Are any of the documents in the 5.1 SDK still usable?

Is there a text file available that expands on the first section of
netos60_gnu/src/apps/template/readme, where the initialization sequence
is briefly described?

What else happens before applicationStart() is called?

When and how is the setup dialog called?

Is the source for the setup dialogue available?

The root.c file in the template directory does not reference appconf.h.
How is it compiled in?

Did the Digi layout of NVRAM change between SDK 5.1 and 6.0?

Where is the default file system configuration?

It is not recommended to use the NET+Works 5.1 documention as reference material when working with v6.0, as many things have changed, some significantly.

The source of answers to most of the posed questions are contained within the src/bsp/common and src/bsp/platforms/connectme directories.

The file src/bsp/common/bsproot.c is the starting point for starting the NET+OS, in particular the netosStart() function.

The dialog is implemented within the src/bsp/platforms/connectme/dialog.c file and is called in the bsproot.c file using the customizeDialog() function.

The appconf.h file is #included within the src/bsp/common/appconf_api.h file.

The layout of the NVRAM has not changed between version 5.1 and 6.0 of NET+Works.

The default flash file system size if #defined in the src/bsp/platforms/connectme/customize.ldr file. RAM file systems are defined within your application.