both install of microcrossXTools and standard cygwin


I’ve a problem when i install microcrossXTools.

Standard Cygwin doesn’t work.

It seems to be windows_register conflict…

The biggest problem is that, my other project use the standard cygwin install.

How can i make work both?

ok, after readings some posts on this forum and this one from cygwin mail list:

it seems that, it is a problem to have 2 version of cygwin.
But does anyone have a workaround for that?
a script with mount.exe or something like that?

thanks for any help

This is the script I use to switch to cygwin420 from cygwin340
c:\cygwin340\bin\umount /
c:\cygwin340\bin\umount /usr/bin
c:\cygwin340\bin\umount /usr/lib
c:\cygwin340\bin\mount c:\cygwin420 /
c:\cygwin340\bin\mount c:\cygwin420\bin /usr/bin
c:\cygwin340\bin\mount c:\cygwin420\lib /usr/lib

This is a script I use to switch back:
c:\cygwin420\bin\umount /
c:\cygwin420\bin\umount /usr/bin
c:\cygwin420\bin\umount /usr/lib
c:\cygwin420\bin\mount c:\cygwin340 /
c:\cygwin420\bin\mount c:\cygwin340/bin /usr/bin
c:\cygwin420\bin\mount c:\cygwin340/lib /usr/lib

use on your own risk