broadcast UDP packets not working with TCPIP_Updates_742 v1.42


I am using a ConnectCore 9P 9215 with NET+OS 7.4.2 running an application that broadcasts UDP packets .

With the TCPIP_Updates_742 version 1.4, broadcast UDP packets are sent fine.
But since I’ve done the update of TCPIP_Updates_742 to version 1.41, the broadcast UDP packets are not sent anymore. I also tried with the TCPIP_Updates_742 to version 1.42, but it hasn’t resolved the problem.
Although broadcast UDP packets are not sent, UDP packets with a specific IP address are sent fine.

Would anybody know what I need to change to make the broadcast working?


After doing the updates have you done a “-clean” start for the ESP??

And also you may create a new project and copy your custome files onto the enw project. What ESP does is it will copy the bsp source code from /src folder to the local working directory.
When you do a update it wont update the workspace.

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the reply.

Yes I did a clean and NET OS rebuild once the update has been done.
Also, a new project has been created to compare the BSP files.

But I still have the problem.


After some test, I noticed I can broadcast UDP packet to the addresses up to 0xEFFFFFFF.

Only the address 0xFFFFFFFF doesn’t work. Although I set the socket with SO_BROADCAST.

Any idea why the address 0xFFFFFFFF is forbidden? Is it a limitation done on purpose?



what kind of broadcast are you looking for?
directed broadcast or to of “”