Broadcast send failure

I am trying to send an UPD brodcast message. Remoteip is The problem occur only when a try to send an brodcast message. I get the errorcode 13 (FNS_EACCES) when calling geterrno(). Why ? /Morgan code: result = sendto(sock, sendData, nrOfBytes, (int)0, remIp, szfsin); result = geterrno();

My mistake ! answer to my own question… I had forgot to set SO_BROADCAST with the function setsockopt(); However, when I now send the broadcast my TCP/IP stack receives this own created broadcast and this was definitely not my intention… Is this perhaps a bug in the TCP/IP stack or have I missed something ? I am using NetOS 6.0 updated with the Nov 2004 release. /Morgan

Is your switch/hub echoing traffic back to the source port?

No it is not a hub or a switch issue, I can get this behavior even with my network cable unattached. This seems to be the way the TCP/IP stack handles broadcast messages.