UDP problems on NS9360 in NetOS6.3

Dear friends,

I come across a problem with UDP data transfer from my NS9360 board.
In my application i put server address as INADDR_ANY and the client IP address as

here in my application the protocoli used is UDP
sender(NetOS board)sender IP:INADDR_ANY
cliend IP:

But for my surprise when i observed the packet on WIRESHARK it is showing protocol as ARP and sender is as and target IP as the IP conflict took place i don’t know and how come this ARP came into picture instead of UDP also surprising.

when i checked my client application for data sending to wireshark which runs on another PC and it is showing perfect results.
but why this problem when i try to send data from NetOS board to wireshark.what could be the problem?
As it is very urgetnt and I request you to kindly give me some information on this.

thanks & regards

Koti reddy

INADDR_ANY is generally used as a “universal receiver”. You generally set the IP address is INADDR_ANY and the port to some known port and then wait for received messages from the TCP stack that are presented to your application because they came in on that port from any client.

On most networks that I have been on is the address of a router. When you perform a sendto to a directed (as opposed to a broadcast) address, the NET+OS device needs to acquire the ethernet address of the client. That is the ethernet address assocaited with the IP address of the PC with which you want to communicate. To do this, NET+OS will issue an ARP request. NET+OS might also issue an ARP request of the router.

Lastly, I believe at powerup NET+OS issues a gratuitous ARP request. This is used to ensure that the IP address given to the NET+OS device is not a duplicate of another node on the network.