build tr-50 library in yocto (how to add autotools managed library to yocto)

Hello, I’m using the digi ccimx6ul starter board and want to build the tr-50 library

As a depedency openssl in the debug version is needed.
When I try to add something like “openssl-dev” or “openssl-devel” into the recipe:

DEPENDS = “openssl openssl-devel”

and build with bitbake tr-50, then the second part always gives me an error:

ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES ‘openssl-devel’ (but /usr/local/dey-2.0/sources/meta-training/recipes-examples/tr-50/ DEPENDS on or otherwise requires it). Close matches:
ERROR: Required build target ‘tr-50’ has no buildable providers.
Missing or unbuildable dependency chain was: [‘tr-50’, ‘openssl-devel’]

How can I include the development version of openssl so that the library builds?

When I build with bitbake core-image-base, the build finishes, however, neither openssl-dev, nor tr-50 appear in the library folders.

Isn’t there a general way on how to include autotools managed libraries into your own layer?

Thanks and looking forward to answers,

this by itself
DEPENDS = “openssl openssl-devel”
does not add openssl-devel package