Buildroot as provided by Digi - repository location no longer exists!!!

Hi, I am trying to use buildroot to create a Linux system for my ConnectCore 9M 2443 development board.

I have found the completely undocumented scripts to do this in the “del_toolchain” directory on the SDK CD that came with the development board.

I have run the “” script in order to create a working system, and this in turn calls the “” script that is in the same directory. buildtoolchain then calls wget to download the file “” which cannot be found because the host no longer exists!!!

How can I get this working? What should the “POOLWWW” variable be set to if not the one in the script which clearly no longer exists.

Thanks very much,


Got a response from Digi support on this. Apparently the web address in question is only for internal use by Digi and not for customer use. This begs the question, what is the point of including the script in the first place if it has no remote possibility of working?!?!?

On the DVD in the toolchain/del_toolchain/ directory you find some instructions in “INSTALL” how to rebuild parts of the toolchain. Just replace the output of the script with a location to where you locally stored the downloaded packages or snapshots (or to where you copied them from the DVD).

Another example about how to recompile some of the pre-compiled applications is:

Has anybody rebuild uClibc already?
I’m trying to add wchar support and was able to build it once but don’t know how to install / reintegrate it into the Digi Toolchain afterwards.

Thanks in advance!