C module boot LEDs

What do the LEDs on the C module mean on startup? I have two modules where something went wrong trying to load our custom firmware which are both showing the green LED on solid after power up (yellow LED also on unless you unplug the Ethernet). Does this mean the module is DOA?
Also: What is the correct order to load in new rom and image files with the netosprog tool? Do you need to reboot at any step - we are seeing inconsistent results from it.


If the LEDs are solid, and you don’t see any output from the UART, most likely the module it toasted.

The link LED (yellow) should blink 3 times when the ME is powered up (assuming that the network cable is already plugged in).
After that, the device should end the boot and then the LED (yellow) should come on solid.
This is assuming that the network connection is good.
The activity LED (green) is blinking during the network transfers only (however it can be on for long periods sometimes).