Flashing LED's

We are using the Digi WI-ME to connect to a wireless access point (both with static ip addresses) and through there to an automatic assigned ip address network. When we configured the two wireless components we were able to talk to both of them. When we integrated them into the network, the access point was still available, but we could no longer find the digi module. However both LED’s on the front of the Digi module were flashing, I have read that these flashes indicates that there is an error and that the sequence of these flashes tells you what the error is. Please could you give me a list of the different sequences and what errors they refer to

Many thanks

The behavior of the network link status LED is has follows:

  • When it is searching for a network this LED will flash twice a second.
  • When it has joined/created an ad-hoc network this LED will flash once a second.
  • When an infrastructure association has been made this LED will be on.

On the Wi-ME this LED is the amber (yellow) one. On the Wi-EM this LED is green, in the upper right-hand corner.