Connect Wi-ME

I have two questions over the module ConnectWi-ME. 1. My ConnectWi-ME works on an ACCESS POINT, the yellow LED is on and the green LED flashes several times in the second, why? 2. The example applications of the CD work all with the ConnectWi-ME?

Check network parameters of WieM and AP. WIeM is not able to associate with AP.

If the Wi-ME’s yellow Link light is solid it means the device has associated with an Access Point. The Green activity light indicates it has sent or recieved a wireless frame (i.e. it indicates activity on the wireless interface).

As for the examples, what examples are you having troubles with?

I have a connection with the AP, I can exchange data with the ConnectWIME. Why does the green LED flash? The LED only should be on or flash if data send or receive.


After Association with AP your WiEM communicates every second with AP to know AP is alive or not. i guess u can neglect this and proceed.

Please see my two questions… if you know please reply

I loaded the example NAFTPAPP on the module Wi-ME. That is correct, the green LED indicates the net activity, but this LED constantly flash in a high frequency.


This is how the Wi-ME is supposed to work, see the modules hardware reference guide.